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Jul 17, 2018 by Shirley
Occupation: Retired 

I've just finished the first term of yoga with Jacquelyn. I'm sure it won't be my last! I learned much about breathing and being in touch with my body and what it's telling me, but the main (and unexpected) benefit was to realise just how much tension my body holds when I think I'm relaxing... in 7 short weeks I've lost a lot of tension I didn't know I had, I've become more supple and am comfortable mentally and physically. It's a beautiful feeling, and one I'm very keen to get more of!

Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Feb 05, 2018 by Jenny
Occupation: Yoga Teacher 

I found the retreat in Kingham a perfect way to ‘Spring Clean’ my mind and body. The cottage and its facilities were a real treat, Jacquelyn and her daughter Imogen prepared delicious home cooked meals and the yoga was just what I needed. I want to hang on to the feeling of those ‘halcyon days’,
Thank you Jacquelyn

Meditation Workshoip
Jul 07, 2017 by Philippa

The meditation workshop was so enjoyable. I learnt so much, met some really lovely people and feel so much better and far more relaxed and in control. The meditation has helped me to put everything in perspective and I have much more clarity; questions I've been asking myself , doubts I have had and decisions I need to make, don't seem so difficult today. Just having some time out from being so much in my head has had a great impact. This brain spa is definitely going to be part of my life from now on! Thank you.

Breathing space weekend
Apr 10, 2017 by Claire
Occupation: Teacher 

“As this was my first experience of a yoga retreat I was a little apprehensive about what to expect – I needn’t have worried, Jacquelyn welcomed us and made us feel at home straight away. Kingham cottages was a gorgeous setting in which to enjoy familiar practices from our lessons as well as try out new techniques with a lovely group of like-minded people. The food was delicious and it was fun to all eat together round a big table. My home practice has changed completely as a result of the weekend – I now start every day with a three-part yoga practice (even when I am away) and can’t imagine starting the morning any other way. Thanks Jacquelyn – can’t wait for the next one!”

Finding calm in a busy day
Apr 06, 2017 by Sian Peer
Occupation: Consultant 

I really love the class. It does me so much good. I appreciate your teaching style as it is purposeful and individualised. Makes me feel human!

It works for men too!
Nov 14, 2016 by John Esam
Occupation: Business consultant 

I have a tendency to get tense, both physically and emotionally, so when semi-retirement gave me more spare time I thought I would give yoga a try.

Jacquelyn\'s wholistic approach seemed appealing and it has proved to be just what I needed. The classes are friendly and relaxed and work as well for a male beginner as an expert woman - only wish I had made time for yoga earlier

There have been some excellent side effects too - a lower golf handicap, as my golf swing is more relaxed, and less tension in my shoulders when out on my road bike!

Highly recommended...

Fabulous customised Yoga!
Apr 15, 2016 by Hilary Harris
Occupation: Management Consultant 

I came to Jacquelyn for a personal session, not having done yoga for a number of years due to it having exacerbated a problem I had with my sacroiliac joint. I was also feeling very stressed and exhausted. I thought that I would have to work my way through a series of exercises and then do some relaxation but Jacquelyn just listened to me and then showed me my "practice" - a series of mindful breathing relaxation exercises with gentle rolling and stretching exercises for my sacroiliac problem, all done on my back. I felt so listened to and amazed that Jacquelyn could pinpoint what I needed as the core and start of my new journey to a deeper yoga practice. I left the session feeling completely revitalised in a calm energetic fashion.

Meditation - a solution to stress at last!
Mar 13, 2016 by Andrea Witham
Occupation: Company director 

I’m a restless person, inclined to suffer from stress and anxiety and I’ve found meditation a means to gently regain control of my frantic mind. The group session are invaluable as they take you away from life’s little ‘stressors’ for a while, and give you an opportunity to learn a variety of techniques in the company of friendly and supportive folk. I’ve found that the practices are gradually seeping into my daily routine, and that I’ve started to deploy my new found experience when life gets fraught . I’m aware that I’m currently only scratching the surface of something much more profound and I’m looking forward to learning more.

introductory session
Sep 03, 2015 by Deirdre Anderson
Occupation: Lecturer and researcher 

What a great first session with Jacquelyn this morning! I had few preconceived ideas so was willing to have a go. I liked the emphasis on body and mind as an integral system and especially the advice to become attuned to my body and to work with it, moving in ways that my body needs. At the same time I was introduced to some yoga postures and could see how even in a short time I could do more than I anticipated. Already planning my daily routine and looking forward to the next time. Thanks Jacquelyn :-)

Breathing Space Weekend - with Jacquelyn Cooper and Paul Fox
Apr 22, 2015 by Bernard Wheeler
Occupation: Computer Consultant 

This was my first ever taste of yoga, and as a complete newcomer and beginner, I cannot imagine a better introduction. The sessions were so well guided that I never felt out of my depth, but it was obvious that everyone else was also getting a lot out of the instruction and practice - even another instructor that was attending.

Not only are Jacquelyn and Paul incredible instructors, they are also excellent hosts for the weekend. They certainly made the whole weekend fun, relaxing, and definitely live up to its billing as a ‘breathing space’. The other attendees were also fantastic, welcoming me warmly into the yoga ‘family’, like old friends that I simply hadn’t met before.

The location and facilities are also first class and I cannot recommend this weekend highly enough. Whether you are a complete beginner like me, a regular practitioner, a lapsed yogi looking to regain inspiration, or even an instructor looking to just relax and commune with the some of the best in the country, this is a fabulous weekend break.

Halcyon Yoga , USA 0.0 0.0 25 25 I've just finished the first term of yoga with Jacquelyn. I'm sure it won't be my last! I learned much about breathing and being in touch with my body and what it's telling me, bu