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A great choice!
Jun 29, 2012 by Kate Whitlock
Occupation: Coach Mentor 

A complete novice, I have signed up for a term of classes with Halcyon Yoga, instructed by Jacquelyn Cooper. Now a few weeks in, I am delighted to have made this decision! The class embraces students with a wide range of yoga experience and knowledge, and the atmosphere at each lesson is focussed, friendly and respectful. Every session is based on a particular theme, and includes an element of discussion as well as the physical practice, an approach I find that enriches the overall experience of the class, without overwhelming it. After a class, I feel more supple - in body and mind!

Jacquelyn is a considerate and conscientious teacher, always careful to ensure that each student is comfortable with what they're doing whilst encouraging them to exceed their expectations. She offers just the right amount of support and advice to develop each individual's practice and welcomes curiosity, discussion and feedback. Her self-awareness and sense of humour foster a sense of ease within the class, striking a perfect balance between the yoga practice, self-development and having fun.

Halcyon Yoga , USA 0.0 0.0 31 31 Attending Jacquelyn's courses are far more than just attending yoga classes; she provides you with a 'toolkit' that you can use to create little oases of peace and calm within your