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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Soft Strong and very, very long

At the moment we are learning what it means to strengthen out of softness. This approach works wonders for your pelvic floor muscles. This way of working creates sustainable stability and is much more comfortable than the ‘clench and grit your teeth version’ which was so popular during the Jane Fonda years! A student saidContinue Reading

BBC Radio Relax!

Leading a guided Relaxation live on BBC Three Counties Radio Рa tall order for DJ Nick Coffer! How to multi-task and relax in the moment Рimpressive work Nick! I was asked by Emma Garrett at The Kiosk, Russell Park, Bedford to come along and support the community business themed radio broadcast and never imagined IContinue Reading

‘Paws’ and Stretch

This term our theme is to PAUSE, relax, sense our body/breath/mind and allow everything to settle and rest in its own way without forcing anything. Then we stretch out from this starting point, locating and letting go of embodied tension and working out what is preventing us from releasing the habitual holding of our musclesContinue Reading