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Monthly Archives: April 2013

A Natural History of Me

BBC Radio 4 Click here to listen to the radio programme According to latest scientific findings, it is questionable as to whether it is correct to refer to ourselves as I’ or ‘Me’. We are actually made up of more than ten times more microbes than human cells. This radio programme gives a fascinating insightContinue Reading

True Aim of the yoga student – Pete Blackaby

As Pete Blackaby (pictured below) – internationally respected yoga teacher and osteopath, so eloquently states in the introduction to his book entitled Intelligent Yoga ; ‘The goal of the yoga student is to feel comfortable in body, breath and mind, and to integrate these aspects of themselves in such a way that there is littleContinue Reading

Yoga, the brain and mental health – latest research!

Therapy Today article – click to read A student of Halcyon Yoga and psychotherapist recently brought in this article entitled ‘Yoga for the mind’ which was published in Therapy Today magazine outlining the latest research into the neurobiology of yoga, meditation and mental health and the emerging benefits. I found it a fascinating read andContinue Reading