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Raw Chocolate Hemp Protein Bars are a hit!

My home-made treats went down a storm at this morning’s Yoga workshop, delicious and healthy, can it be true?


 Makes 8-10 bars - Recipe from

4 medjool dates (Deseeded)
1/4 cup almond or cashew paste (from Real Food Source)
1 cup raw chocolate hemp protein blend  (from Real Food Source)
1 cup mixed nuts/seeds (I used mainly almonds with some pumpkin and sunflower seeds thrown in)
Up to 3 tbs water
Pulse the nuts/seeds in a food processor until roughly chopped, set aside. Add all remaining ingredients (except water) to the food processor and mix until well blended. Add a few tablespoons of water until the mixture is crumbly but just moist enough to stick together. Stir the nuts/seeds through last.
Press firmly into the bottom of a small loaf tin and chill to firm. Once firm, chop into bars and store in the fridge. These will also freeze well.

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