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What is Yoga? – Halcyon yoga students have their say

Answers to the question ‘What is Yoga’  by Halcyon Yoga students March 2016 prompted by Peter Blackaby’s  yoga forum

“Giving attention to all the different aspects of yourself as a whole being”


“Inner and Outer strength”

“Realising we already have everything we need”

“A Breathing space in my otherwise mad world”

“A space in which to settle”

“Learning to relax rather than react”

“Training the mind to help the mind, body connection via breathing”

“More meditative than exercise”

“Combining the mind and the body in order to calm down”

“Relaxed awareness for the body, mind and breath”

“Mindful movement”

“The practice of considered  relaxation of the whole being”

“Giving yourself a break”

“Step back and find some balance”

“Connecting in the present with the body”

“Not a quick fix”

“A progressive practice”

“A path of discovery”

“Yoga is Nice!”

“Yoga is relaxing”

“Awareness of the moment through movement and breathing”

“Movement and the Mind in the moment”

And finally…..

“It’s a P R A C T I C E”

I personally wouldn’t argue with any of these especially “Yoga is Nice!”

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