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Mingyur Rinpoche’s talk on Meditation to Google Part 2.

For anyone who has listened to and enjoyed Mingyur Rinpoche’s talk about meditation to Google Part 1, here is Part 2. which includes some more  short, skilfully and humourously guided meditation practices. An invaluable experience for all would-be meditators and meditation practitioners alike, I hope you enjoy it, with warm wishes from Jacquelyn  Continue Reading

Mingyur Rinpoche’s talk on Meditation to Google

If you have an hour and you are interested in the life enhancing effects of meditation I highly recommend watching this talk by Mingyur Rinpoche to Google which includes a couple of short guided practices. I find his cheeky style completely compelling and uplifting. My thanks to Neville from the Maarten Vermaase Oxford Advanced Yoga groupContinue Reading

Trust your gut, Trust your Vagus Nerve!

Have you heard of your Vagus nerve? Read on to find out how cutting edge science continues to back up the benefits of yogic mind, body and breathing practices and find out all about your amazing Vagus nerve! Halcyon yoga students will be able to join the dots regarding the practices I am teaching this term; mindful diaphragmatic breathing anyone? ‘The Neurobiology of GraceContinue Reading

Pearl shines through! – Breaking self limiting beliefs

Today I had the pleasure to lead my regular Thursday am yoga group through a session about finding ways to be kind to ourselves and the effects of this on how we feel and behave. We have been exploring the use of a variety of techniques to give some time off from our ever demandingContinue Reading

Is Depression a Kind of Allergic Reaction?

I have long been interested in anxiety and depression and found this article in The Guardian an intriguing read. I was especially interested in the evidence of the effect of omega oils which have long been used in the place of anti-depressants by a minority of sufferers. The article published in the Guardian covers theContinue Reading

New Year Meditation workshops 2015

Ever feel like you need a little Breathing Space? Come and try out some mind calming meditation techniques and learn how to release mental tension, reduce stress and re-charge yourself so that all of life’s many demands feel a whole lot easier! Each workshop will include guided relaxation, mindful movement and led meditations to allowContinue Reading

Has business highjacked mindfulness? The Guardian reports

There is a lot of debate at the moment regarding mindfulness and it’s relevance in the work place, education and healthcare to name but a few. Here is an article from the Guardian. A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness regarding mindfulness and public policy in healthcare, criminal justice, education and the workplaceContinue Reading

Ever feel like you just can’t relax? – Here’s why and how meditation can help.

These days we pack a lot in, there never seems to be a moment to spare and even if we manage to snatch one, we can’t relax easily and find ourselves still in ‘rushing’ mode. Even sitting down to drink a cup of tea seems self- indulgent so we might make a to-do list orContinue Reading

Follow-on Meditation Workshops

Follow-on Meditation Workshops These workshops are only available to those who have already attended the Introduction to Meditation Workshops. We will continue to explore our natural ability to release tension, reduce stress, re-charge and find some peace. Each workshop will include a selection of guided relaxations and meditations and a chance for us to discussContinue Reading

Thich Nhat Hanh – On Letting Go

This beautiful talk by Thich Nhat Hanh is long but well worth listening to. I like his use of the term ‘throwing away’ as an alternative to ‘letting go’. His teachings also help to make sense of the process of living and dying which I found particularly interesting.  Continue Reading